The daily maintenance technique of peanut seedling kneading machine

- Mar 14, 2018 -

Peanut seedling machine is a very practical machine in agricultural machinery.

But inevitably, we also encounter some small interlude in our daily use.

Failure to maintain proper maintenance will greatly damage the use effect and service life of peanut seedling machine.

So how to correct scientific maintenance is an important question.

The following is our professional peanut seedling machine factory home to give a detailed introduction of its daily maintenance of a few tips.

1. Easy to fill tank method.

Peanut seedling rub silk machine in use process if it is found that the oil in the tank, first we should wipe off the leak, coated with soap in the leak, which can effectively reduce leakage, if such as epoxy resin glue adhesive can leak blocking, the effect is much better.

2. Smart change of parts method.

Peanut seedling rub silk machine in use process if parts are damaged and cause the machine doesn't work, we can find the damaged parts, first by adjusting the displacement method to exchange a bearing has been worn or damaged parts, and using the parts did not wear or wear lighter parts continue to work.

This is not only economical, but also very practical.

3. Remove the cylinder cover method.

Peanut seedling rub silk machine after turned on a nut in the cylinder head, we can first use the hammer knock gently around the cylinder cover, then rotate the crankshaft, by using the piston compression stroke in the impact of the air against the cylinder head, it can easily make it separated from the cylinder block.

4. Perfect the air leakage method of the tire.

Tire tube of peanut seedling rub silk machine if there is a small hole, we could start with the mouth of the hole with wood file burnish clean all round, then cut a medical adhesive plaster to stick up, than the mouth of the cave cut a bigger piece of adhesive plaster again, according to six or seven layers on this post, not leak tires can keep for a long time.

The above is our peanut seedling machine factory home to introduce you to the maintenance of small skills knowledge, hope these tips can help you.

More knowledge please call us to consult us.


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