The daily maintenance and maintenance of the cement foaming machine.

- Mar 01, 2018 -

The cement foaming machine is one of the most frequently used machines in the construction industry.

Due to high load and high operation, cement foaming machine easy in use process problems, in order to avoid the occurrence of these problems, it requires us to do the daily maintenance and maintenance of cement foaming machine.

What should be done to maintain and maintain?

1. Check the hydraulic components.

Due to the complexity of the equipment, we suggest that experts with practical experience carry out the inspection and treatment of the hydraulic system.

If the fault is found, check the cause before any operation and repair the entire loop.

2. Lubricating grease shall be sufficient and clean at any time, and no leakage shall be found in the joints of lubricating pipes.

Check the lubrication condition of each operation site at any time, and find the parts that are short of oil. Stop the inspection immediately and prevent accidents.

3, often need to check the fastening bolt connection parts are: - material cylinder, the pull rod bolt connecting bolt and nut joint, cylinder and rack, the main oil cylinder connecting bolts on both ends - the oil pump oil suction mouth, oil discharge mouth and piping of the connecting bolt - mixing barrel fixed bolt - the oil pump and pump, pump and base plate, oil motor and bearing of the retaining bolt nut - pipeline card straps

Leak check process of the main leakage position is: level gauge, oil drain plug, oil pump and oil motor shaft and shell joint surface, oil cylinder head junction plane, cylinder piston rod out of parts and the hydraulic valve in combination with surface and the regulating handle out parts, tubing joints, the oil cylinder.

Take care to cool down.

It is very easy to heat up the time work of the machine. If it is not cool in time, it will cause the motor to be burnt out, which is more likely to happen during the hot summer season.

Therefore, during the time of foaming the captain, be careful to cool down.

If the motor is found to be overheated, the machine door of the foaming machine can be opened to allow natural ventilation.

Or use electric fan, blower to do the cooling treatment to the motor.

Or remove the casing next to the motor to increase its heat dissipation capacity.

If these measures are taken, they should be considered to stop foaming and allow the motor to rest for 10 to 20 minutes.

To minimize the vibration of the foaming machine.

The power unit of the foaming machine works when it produces a certain vibration.

This vibration will damage the already formed foam production.

At the same time, when the vibration is too large, it will cause the instrument damage on the machine.

Therefore, when installing the foaming machine, try to use the floor screws to fix the foaming machine on the ground. When the screws are loose, tighten them in a timely manner.

If it is a mobile foaming machine, it should be installed with stable foot. When used, the mobile wheel will be lifted up to stabilize the ground foot, so as to make the foaming machine have good stability.

The normal operation of the cement foaming machine is inseparable from daily maintenance. In order to ensure that the machine does not fail in the work, it must do its maintenance and maintenance.


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