The daily maintenance and maintenance of the block machine.

- Mar 05, 2018 -

The block machine is often used for highway, the building is poured, the forming block.

Widely used building materials field, it is essential to the construction site a machine, its daily maintenance and maintenance is very important, directly affect the service life of the machine, the following is our summary about the block base maintenance and maintenance.

(1) avoid dampness.

The cement that is subjected to damp to harden can reduce or even lose the original strength, so the specification stipulates, the cement that factory exceeds 3 months should review test, use according to test result.

For the cement that has been damped or hardened, it shall be used after sieving, and the mass of the sieve shall be used for the masonry mortar or plastering mortar used for secondary engineering.

For a touch or pinch of cement paste, the strength grade can be reduced appropriately.

(2) avoid exposure to fast drying.

Concrete or plaster is exposed to the sun after operation, and as the water evaporates rapidly, its strength will be reduced or even completely lost.

Therefore, it is necessary to thoroughly clean and wet the grass roots before construction.

After construction should be covered strictly, and according to the specification water conservation.

(3) avoid negative temperature.

After concrete or mortar mix into, if cold, cannot undertake the cement hydration and moisture freezing expansion, principals, concrete or mortar will gradually deepening its excellent powder cake had destroyed, therefore should strictly comply with the "construction engineering winter construction regulations" (JGJ104-97) for the construction.

(4) avoid high temperature and heat.

After solidification, the mortar layer or concrete member, if often in high temperature and hot condition, will have the strength loss, which is due to the high temperature condition, the calcium hydroxide in the cement will decompose;

In addition, some of the aggregate can be decomposed or expanded at high temperature.

The daily maintenance and maintenance of the machine can not only prolong the life of the machine, but also reduce the working cost and improve the efficiency for the enterprise.


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