The concrete curing method is introduced by the manufacturer

- Feb 01, 2018 -

With the speeding up of urbanization in our country, each city in a large number of construction projects, when it comes to construction projects, a lot of people naturally think of concrete, steel, etc., today, we discuss the concrete.

Concrete is a necessary material for construction projects. After using concrete, concrete needs to be maintained. The specific curing methods are as follows.

The curing of concrete includes natural curing and steam curing.

Concrete curing period, should focus on strengthening the humidity and temperature control of concrete, reduce the exposure time of concrete surface, in a timely manner to cover the exposed surface of concrete closely (which can be covered with tarpaulin, plastic sheeting, etc), to prevent surface evaporation.

Exposed surface layer concrete initial setting before, should be rolled up mulch, rubbing surface of at least two times in float, cover again after make it smooth, don't direct contact with the concrete surface mulch should be paid attention to at this time, until the final set of concrete.

The steam curing of concrete can be divided into four stages: static stop, heating, constant temperature and cooling. The steam curing of concrete shall meet the following requirements:

(1) during static stop should keep the environment temperature is not lower than 5 ℃, placing over 4 ~ 6 h and concrete final set rear can heat up.

(2) should not be greater than 10 ℃ temperature/h.

(3) the temperature inside the concrete during temperature should not be more than 60 ℃, the maximum shall not exceed 65 ℃, temperature curing time should be in accordance with the requirements of component stripping strength, concrete mixture ratio and environmental conditions such as determined by test.

(4) should not be greater than 10 ℃ cooling speed/h.

The curing method of concrete is related to the use quality of concrete. If you want to know more about concrete content, please visit our official website or telephone to contact our factory.


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