The cement foaming machine factory introduces the factors that affect the mechanical lubrication

- Feb 02, 2018 -

Machinery is the equipment commonly used in the processing industry. It is very important to lubricate the machinery when maintaining the machinery.

The machine is well lubricated, can reduce the mechanical failure, and use more smoothly.

When mechanical lubrication, a lot of factors affect the lubrication effect, so, which factors affect the lubrication effect?

1. Quality of lubricant.

Because the quality of the production plant and the production process of different lubricants has a large difference in the market, the quality is also uneven.

Simply from the appearance and the description can not see the good or bad, must understand the production process, through the scientific examination can draw the conclusion.

2. Effective control of sediment and contaminative impurities in lubricant.

The long term operation of mechanical equipment will produce metal particles and paint impurities in the lubricants, and the silt, carbonaceous and smoke sediment in the lubricating oil box of mechanical equipment.

Failure to effectively control sediment and impurities in lubricants would be fatal to the equipment.

Replace lubricants in due course.

3. The choice of lubricants.

According to the working condition of equipments (including load, temperature, speed, etc.), equipment lubrication part of the medium in contact with the environment and the different, have great influence on the performance of the lubricant, therefore should be considered when choosing lubricant

The factors that affect the mechanical lubrication effect are introduced here. It is also very important to choose high quality lubricant when making mechanical lubrication.

Hope we can introduce the content, can help you better use the machine.

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