The cement foaming machine factory home introduces foaming cement related knowledge.

- Feb 25, 2018 -

Foaming cement is a kind of cement that is commonly used in construction industry now. The foaming cement is usually produced by foaming cement machine, and the cement and cement foaming agent are mixed to produce a large number of foam holes.

General foaming cement is used in the construction of insulation wall, it is a new kind of lightweight thermal insulation material, the insulation effect is very good.

Using foamed cement making thermal insulation layer, used for exterior wall thermal insulation, roofing insulation and replace polystyrene (benzene board) and other insulation material, has the incomparable insulation performance and structure layer of adhesion performance, and convenient construction, environmental protection, quarter, efficiency, and many other advantages.

This technology is very popular in South Korea, and in the northern coastal cities of China, it is also widely adopted, which has achieved good thermal insulation effect.

At present, the technology has been popularized in western China.

In southern China, foaming cement is also made of foamed cement to achieve the effect of roof insulation and external wall insulation.

Using foamed cement as roof insulation material, the insulation layer and floor base surface are greatly improved.

In the past, most of the heating construction USES the benzene board as the insulation layer, which can not be combined with the original base surface, and has no effective adhesion, causing the detachment, air drum and cracking.

The foaming cement is used as the insulation layer, which makes the insulating layer of the foaming cement and the base surface of the original floor to be filled with uneven ground, and can hold the solid and hold fast to form a strong adhesive property.

After the construction, the original surface layer is basically reached to the level, which brings convenience to the next process, and can guarantee the overall effect of the thickness uniformity of the surface layer.

Foamed concrete is widely used in energy-saving wall materials with its good properties and has been applied in other aspects.

Nowadays, the application of foamed concrete in China mainly consists of concrete insulation layer of roof foam concrete, foam concrete block, foam concrete wall panel and foam concrete compensation foundation.

However, the good characteristic of foamed concrete can be used to expand the application field of the construction engineering, accelerate the project progress and improve the engineering quality.

Foaming cement can also be used as retaining wall, which can increase the stability of embankment slope and reduce the surrounding force.

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