The cement brick factory house introduces some requirements of the mold

- Jan 24, 2018 -

Cement block machine plays an important role in building materials production, cement block machine in the process of production of the block at the same time, usually to use mould production in modern times, so the material of mold size models, matching and equipment to closely observe whether mold welding machine is in place at the same time, the production, will be more efficient.

Below cement brick factory home to introduce the specific requirements of the mold.


1. In the cement block machine equipment production, effective adjustment between the mold and the mold, pressure head and the mold core, pressure head and skip distance, the question of that equipment in addition to the normal repression, won't cause the collision and friction and die, effectively reduce the die wear and tear.

2. For a slight deformation of the mould, change the time to be careful not to knock against with other parts, there is room for repair can be used again after repairing or space does not change in time, will affect the use of the other moulds, lead to equipment failure, do more harm than good.

3. No matter what time to replace cement block machine mold, in addition to serious cleaning rust to for a long time, should also pay attention to save method, in a dry, flat area is good, add a cushion to avoid direct contact with the ground.

In the process of selecting mould at the same time, we usually choose a little bit small, so, in the later production, mold will be more useful, thus effectively increase its service life.

Using cement block machine in the process of production of bricks, if you want to save costs, improve production efficiency and production quality, our selection and use of mould is very important, hope the related contents of introduction of cement block vendors would be able to help you, if you have any doubts, welcome to inquire us.

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