The brick manufacturer is not qualified to solve the bricks

- Jan 31, 2018 -

Near the hometown in childhood, and a large kiln, is designed to turn the burning, brick should pass mix slurry, ChengMo, such as fire, molding process, the time limit for a project will need two or three days time.


The appearance of the brick - free brick machine is a good news for the production of brick and block, which guarantees the quality of bricks to a great extent and improves the efficiency.

However, in the process of burning, the production of the same model will appear in the same model. The height difference between the left and right sides is more than 2mm, which is not up to the standard. Why?

The brick machine manufacturer analyzes the reason for you.

1. Cause of failure: the adjustment height of both sides is different. When the mold frame is down, the elastic degree of cushion compression is different, affecting the effect.

Processing method: adjust the length of the ejector rod, so that the two sides of the platform are highly consistent.

2. Cause of failure: the rubber cushioning pad on the mold frame has a different progress.

Processing method: adjust the rubber cushion of the mould frame, the lower part of the brick is loose, and the high side of the brick is tightened.

3. Cause of failure: the vibration table rubber cushion is used for too long, and the difference between right and left is large, causing the vibration table to be uneven.

The height difference between the vibration table fixed frame and the vibration table is not consistent, which causes the vibration table to vibrate at different magnitude.

Treatment: if the rubber cushioning pad is worn out, replace the new rubber cushioning pad, then adjust the height of the vibration table mounting bracket.

4. Cause of failure: vibration table positioning shaft, positioning sleeve wear.

Process: check and replace worn parts.

When there is a brick quality is not up to standard, or so highly inconsistent, we can analyze the cause of the malfunction, and then according to the machinery for everyone in celebration of the proposed solution, to solve the problem accordingly.

I hope that the sharing of machinery in qing dynasty can help you in the process of burning.

If you have any problems in using the brick machine, you are welcome to contact us.

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