The author introduces the classification of hammer crusher

- Mar 19, 2018 -

The development of mechanical products for our production and processing industry has brought a lot of help, and we use the status of the mechanical equipment can choose according to the different needs of our different kinds of products, so today let's simple for you introduce some knowledge about the hammer crusher.

Hammer crusher can be divided into: single-stage hammer crusher, high-efficiency hammer crusher, sand blasting machine, vertical spindle hammer crusher, reversible hammer crusher and ring hammer crusher.

The hammer head of hammer crusher is replaced with ring coal pulverizer with steel ring, and the ring coal crusher is the variation of hammer crusher.

Hammer crusher use the high speed impact and low speed rolling combination to broken material, and therefore can obtain a finer products, mainly for crushing coal power plants, but also can be used for gypsum, salt chemical raw materials, and in some hard material of broken.

The crushed material is the type of hammer crusher, such as coal, salt, baiya, gypsum, tile and limestone.

According to the number of rotors, it is divided into single rotor and double rotor.

The rotating direction of the rotor can be divided into two types: irreversible and reversible.

According to the arrangement of hammer, it is divided into single row and multi-row type.

The former hammer is mounted on the same rotating plane, and the hammer is distributed on several rotating planes.

Do people from the above introduction of hammer crusher knowledge have more knowledge and understanding, then we have more wonderful content to you, please continue to pay attention to us.

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