The advantages of the brick - free brick machine in practical application.

- Jan 26, 2018 -

The traditional production technology is abandoned, the same principle is used for the brick machine, and the stability of the product is improved, and the production efficiency is improved.


Qingzhong machinery specializing in the production of fully automatic hydraulic brick machine, such as brick machine equipment, the following to introduce the characteristics of the products.

1. This machine adopts the electric control system and the relatively makes the machine can automatically complete fabric, pressing timing, measuring control, in the process of fully guarantee uniform thickness and density of the finished products, shorten the molding cycle at the same time, make the yield increased significantly.

2. Unique heat dissipation technology makes the equipment transport bricks more stable.

3. Strong mold synchronization structure, ensure the product thickness is consistent, and the stable yield of the mold is high.

4. The vehicle walking system increases the orbit and the vehicle stabilizer device, so that the vehicle can walk steadily and reduce the leakage of equipment, thus reducing the working hours and unnecessary waste of materials.

5. Patent long guide bush, sliding sleeve made of nickel and chromium alloy, high surface hardness, smoothness, guide post makes mold up smoothly, reduce caused by mold and uneven mold equipment service life is shortened, reducing product error.

6. Using reciprocating fork type cloth machine, cloth cutting quickly and evenly, improve the efficiency of the molding, ensure uniform density stable, unique design of the joint, make the fabric easier change of gear, shaft, reduce maintenance time.

Whether it is the quality of production, or production cost, and maintenance, the fully automatic hydraulic free brick equipment has the superior quality and can meet the demand of production.

Qingzhong machinery factory specializes in the production and sale of the equipment of the brick, if you have any doubt about the products of the company, welcome to consult us.

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