The advantage and disadvantage of the plastic cushion block are introduced by the manufacturer

- Jan 29, 2018 -

With the development of the market, the use of pad is constantly optimized on the product so that we can make it more convenient in our production and life.

First of all, from the block material has some change, before people make plastic block is adopted to improve the production and processing, but with some defects of plastic products, slowly began to widely used cement block.

The cement cushion block machine production block is very advantageous, and the production efficiency is high.

The following mat machine factory home gives you to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of the plastic block.

First of all, the advantages of the plastic cushion block, which is characterized by convenient use, the plastic pad adopts the card, sleeve and other means to be fixed directly in the steel bar, without binding and improving the working efficiency.

The plastic pad is connected with the steel bar through the bayonet, and it is not easy to shift, and the support is stable and it is not easy to fall off.

Can effectively improve the quality of engineering, plastic pad specification is unified, in use by the height of the block to control the thickness of protection layer, to overcome the existing exposure, cracking of concrete and skeleton askew, common fault displacement and the uneven coating defects;

Plastic block usually adopts the technology of the polymer: block light quality, small size, high strength, the tensile and compressive strength is higher than 4 OMpa, can withstand the construction personnel to walk and general construction load without fracture.

The disadvantage of plastic pad is that it is less durable than cement, which directly affects engineering quality.

Another point is the material problem, which is known to be a highly polluting material, which requires a large amount of waste gas to be produced during the process of combustion.

This leads directly to the prohibition of plastic blocks.

The only drawback to the cement block is that it's a bit trickier to use.

You need to fix it with wire, but it's cheaper than plastic.

Therefore, the advantages of the cement block are more obvious, but we need to master the main points of it when we install it.

In celebration of machinery specialized in the production of block machine, can provide customers with a variety of types of cement block machine equipment and enable customers to produce cement block is more convenient, if you want to continue to understand the company's products, welcome to inquire us.

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