Small shredder

- Dec 12, 2017 -

Hand-held high-speed Chinese medicine grinder with ultra-high speed single motor matching, with the structure of precision, small size, light weight, high efficiency, dust-free, clean, easy to operate, handsome in appearance, both energy and security, and many other advantages. Crushing trough and blade made of stainless steel, can be completed within 3 seconds -2 minutes coarse and fine powder, can quickly crush a variety of Chinese herbal medicines and most of the food, crushing a wide range of different types of materials can be very good crushing, the material without Loss, smashing different materials will not string color string flavor. Such as: American ginseng, Panax, Panax, placenta, Fritillaria, pearl, Angelica, yi meters, mung beans, rice, corn and so on. Models are: 100 grams portable crusher medicine, 200 grams of portable crusher herbs, 300 grams of portable herbs crusher.

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