Qingzhong machinery plant to provide the winter mat machine maintenance of small knowledge

- Mar 12, 2018 -

The block machine is a very important machine in our machinery industry, and its maintenance knowledge is now the focus of our attention.

Different seasons have different seasons maintenance knowledge, so how to maintain the winter pad machine?

The following is our qingzhong machinery manufacturer to introduce some maintenance knowledge of the winter maintenance block machine.

As winter approaches, construction sites are slowly shutting down due to lower temperatures, and the production of a dedicated cement block for the construction industry has also entered the off-season.

In the off-season, the padding machine should pay more attention to the maintenance, so as to ensure the normal work in the next year, so how to maintain the winter pad when it is not produced?

General common block machine equipment for the hydraulic vibration line, winter block machine in some areas need to shut down 3 months or so, there must be a good maintenance and maintenance, maintenance methods are as follows:

1. Carefully remove the stains from each part of the block machine and add lubricating oil from the new.

2. The pump of the block machine should be controlled by water, and stored in a dry and ventilated place after drying.

3. Replace the damaged part of the block machine and strengthen the maintenance.

4. Replace the hydraulic oil of the hydraulic system of the block machine.

5. Use large area cover material to cover the block machine and raw materials to prevent rust and the performance of raw materials.

Above is the machine factory to share in our celebration of winter maintenance knowledge about block machine, we only have to good maintenance in each season our block machine, block machine for our future use, more knowledge about block machine maintenance, please inquire.


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