Pull the factory home to sum up the performance of the equipment

- Mar 12, 2018 -

The extruding equipment is an important equipment in the equipment of our industry. It has a lot of product features, so it is widely used now, so how much do you know about its product performance?

The following is our professional tractor factory house to give you a detailed introduction of the performance of the extrusion equipment.


1 corrosion

Pultrusion profiles with excellent corrosion resistance, different levels of acid, alkali, organic solvents, salts, etc. Various kinds of gas and liquid medium corrosion, never rust, according to the practical use of medium type and the temperature requirements, there are o-type, benzene, vinyl, etc for the use of choice, the corrosion resistance of pultrusion profiles for reference table.


2. High quality.

Pultrusion profiles glass fiber content is higher than other composites molding process, and the longitudinal strength is quite high, and was equal to that of steel, pultrusion profiles density is only about a quarter of the steel and thus than intensity is much higher than steel, pultrusion profiles modulus is lower than steel, usually only steel 1/7-1/10.


3 anti-aging

The extruded profile is made of high quality thermosetting resin and glass fiber system, which is different from the ordinary thermoplastic plastic. The normal service life of the product can reach 20 years.

The best anti-aging effect can be obtained by adding anti-ultraviolet agent and polyester fiber blanket.


4 easy maintenance

The extruded profile is made by mixing the pigment into the resin. The color of the product can be arbitrarily deployed according to the requirements of the customer. It is not easy to fade, and it is not necessary to maintain the paint and has a self-cleaning effect.


Excellent electromagnetic performance.

The extruded profile has excellent electrical insulation, non-electric magnetic and electric spark, which can be used in the area of equipment with conductive hazard, magnetic sensitive equipment, and flammable and explosive places.


6 thermal performance

Pultrusion profiles is a kind of insulation, thermal expansion coefficient was much lower than ordinary plastic, pultrusion with excellent mechanical properties at low temperatures, at high temperatures won't melt, but under the high temperature strength and modulus will have a certain degree of lower, generally applicable temperature range for pultrusion profiles - 50 ℃ to 100 ℃.

Understanding the various performance knowledge of products will help us to sell more products in the future, which will help us to serve our customers well.

The above is our factory to summarize the performance knowledge summary of the pull equipment, hope can bring help to your life.


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