Prolong the life of the brick - free brick machine.

- Jan 16, 2018 -

Baking-free brick machine now has been widely used in our daily life, it is also because baking-free brick machine is easy to use, and it is better than traditional brick performance, and high efficiency, so get a lot of users, in order to ensure the service life of baking-free brick machine, we will do a good job in a certain protection so should do now?

To help you, let's look at ways to extend the life of a brick - free brick.

(1) take prevention first, maintain and repair regularly and regularly.

To carry out prevention first, we must master the rules of equipment operation and parts loss, strengthen daily maintenance inspection, eliminate the defects and hidden trouble of equipment in time, and prevent equipment accidents.

The maintenance and repair of the brick - free brick machine is the relationship between prevention and cure.

Poor maintenance will speed up the loss of parts, suffer accidental damage and increase the number of repairs.

Only by doing regular maintenance work can we nip it in the bud.

However, the maintenance work cannot eliminate the normal wear and tear completely, and the maintenance must be planned.

When the equipment loss reaches a certain limit, it will be repaired as planned.


(2) with professional maintenance, professional maintenance is combined with operator maintenance.

There are not many professional personnel in the enterprise of the machine, which can only repair the complicated equipment and parts.

Therefore, it is necessary for professional maintenance personnel to be familiar with the maintenance of equipment structure and maintenance technology, and the production operators are very familiar with the parts where the equipment is prone to malfunction.

Therefore, professional maintenance is combined with operator maintenance to make it easier to maintain the equipment.

When use the baking-free brick machine, we also want to check more, after inspection and before starting the check cannot little, these are all can ensure the using performance of baking-free brick machine, hope that we can do this job.

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