Precautions for use of cement pad-block machine

- Mar 10, 2018 -

Block machine quality problems and production of the block is the most concerned about the problem of the manufacturer, the good or bad of the mat is also depending on the cement pad machine users, then in the use of Pad block machine when there are those considerations? In order to produce good pad products, in the process of stirring raw materials, moisture content is not too much, because the raw materials containing high water is not easy to form, especially in the production of cushion block process, the moisture content of raw material hardness is not standard, resulting in the production of a piece of debris.

In the production process, do not arbitrarily change the parameters of the machine, must be completely in accordance with the operating norms, the suppression of time can not be too short, if the cushion block compression time is shorter, the impact of the density of the pad, will lead to a more loose cushion products. Hua Qing Zhong Machinery Factory, founded in 1999, is located in Anyang County intersection East Industrial Park, convenient transportation, enterprise well-equipped, high quality staff, can undertake large/medium/small mechanical design of our factory mainly produces "Qing Zhong" brand automatic hydraulic block molding machine, hydraulic automation brick machine, semi-automatic block machine, mixer, Bio-Power Plant dedicated hydraulic packer, Orange bar hydraulic packer and various models of small balers, one machine for multiple use, widely used in cotton, hemp, fluff, straw, cloth, scrap cloth, waste paper edge and other soft items packaging. At the same time also produces a variety of cement products equipment. By the vast numbers of users welcome. Factory has a complete after-sales service system, long-term supply of spare parts, integrity and quality service reputation throughout the country.


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