Precautions for use of cement block machine.

- Jan 17, 2018 -

In order to ensure the normal order of the cement block machine can use we will be for the correct operation, but there are a lot of users are often neglected this, wrong operation performance, the use of would only damage the machine, in turn, affect the service life of the cement block machine, so we need to know about the correct operating cement block machine, so first of all to learn about the use of cement block machine together.

1, block machine technician when used, its security rules, everybody needs by heart especially, 5 days technical maintenance, once a week for the technical maintenance problems is to check the screening equipment can avoid the equipment present problems, the serious influence the speed and the quality of the brick, brick is also waiting for a better application, so when maintenance machinery and equipment, we also need to follow the corresponding safety requirements

3. The card holder is on duty, and it is strictly prohibited to separate.

Need to hold the corresponding task certificates is rich in experience, at the same time can take contingency measures, and has a good strain ability, of course about undocumented workers need to be ordered to stop, when working in machinery and equipment and the task, it is strictly prohibited to midway separate,

4. Do not allow drink-driving and operation, do not permit driving and operation without license, and do not allow driving and operation.

5. The task must be focused, not allowed to place inflammable and explosive materials in the operating room, and prevent fireworks from *12*. Smoking is not allowed.

6. The operator shall not leave the post without permission and shall not hand over the machine to the non-designated personnel.

In addition to the correct operating cement block machine more safer to work, do not affect our staff's personal safety, hope you in the future when using cement block machine can be applied to these considerations, so as to ensure the performance of the machine and ensure personal safety.

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