Precautions for the operation of the first Test machine of the brick-free machine

- Jan 23, 2018 -

 Brick-free machine equipment Now in many of our industries have this wide range of applications, we have purchased a brick-free machine, before use should be tested before the operation, we look at the full range of brick machine parts are intact after the test machine can start running, then we have a lot of things to do when the test run is to pay attention to?

The following is the Qing-China machinery factory for us to introduce the baking-free brick machine operation of the first test of attention, we come to understand.

      The first test machine of the baking-free brick machine should pay attention to the following aspects: 1. The first test machine, you must use manual pallet filter.

      The length and thickness of the pallet are kept under plus or minus 2mm to prevent the card plate from being damaged.


      2. Supply hopper floor to maintain the same with the mold plane, the use of a certain period of time should be checked and adjusted, for the Hopper returned, not only to scrape back, but also to clear the surface of the pressure head, the top and bottom scraper to be adjusted well, excessive wear should be timely removable. 3. Check whether the brick machine is clean, found that there are bonded material blocks, you must shovel off side can be sent into the base of the molding machine.

      Vibration pressure time to be strictly controlled, when necessary to control the amount of material, at any time to pay attention to the operation of the normal limit, whether the screws loose, if there are accidents, should be timely stop adjustment.

      4. Check the power supply of the baking-free brick machine including checking the electric part grounding wire so as to avoid leakage, short connection and so on.

      5. The hydraulic system should be adjusted to the rated pressure, cleaning the oil filter on schedule, at least once a year, the hydraulic system is regularly checked to ensure the safety of parts and product life extension effect. Many people in the use of new equipment will be ignored before the test run in fact, this is not true, the test run can better enable us to find some of the problems of equipment, so that better solution, we know through the above, in the future must not forget to run the test machine first. Kyung-China machinery factory specializing in baking-free brick machine equipment, pad block machine equipment production and sales we have this need to welcome you to inquire.

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