Precautions for the first test run of the brick - free brick machine.

- Jan 17, 2018 -

Baking-free brick machine in working on an official trial run is required, so as to ensure that after the run when there is no problem, even if the trial run so we should pay attention to a lot of problems, ensure the quality of baking-free brick machine, now we know about the matters needing attention baking-free brick machine commissioning run together.


1. During the first test, you must filter with the manual tray.

The length of the supporting plate and the thickness error remain below 2mm, in case the card board is damaged.

2. For the hopper bottom to keep consistent with the mould surface, checking and adjusting, using a certain time shall be for the hopper to return after can blow back to the remaining material, also can clear the head surface sticky material, scraper to set up and down, excessive wear should be timely conversion.

3. Check whether the brick machine is clean and find a bonded material block. It must be shoveled off before it can be fed into the base plate of the machine.

The time of vibration pressure should be strictly controlled. If necessary, it can control the amount of material. Keep in mind that the limit of each process is normal and the screws are loose. If there is any accident, the adjustment should be stopped in time.

4. Check the power supply of the non-burning brick machine including check the grounding wire of the electrical part to avoid leakage and short connection.

5. The hydraulic system should be transferred to the rated pressure, wash oil screen on schedule, the oil filter at least once a year, often regularly check on the hydraulic system, safety and prolong the effect of the product life do parts.

At the time of trial run and we are going to have a check, so as to ensure that will not fail, in the process of running in the future when using baking-free brick machine we also want to do a good job of maintenance, to ensure the service life of machine.

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