Precautions and maintenance methods for the operation of brick-free machine

- Mar 10, 2018 -

Baking-free brick machine is a brick production equipment in a name, the emergence of baking-free brick greatly reduced the use of red clay bricks, in the destruction of the nature of the red bricks before the brick-free brick machine shows all the needs of society. People need bricks to protect the nature of people's survival, so according to the development of the times there is a brick-free machine.

In the use of brick-free machine when there are a lot of considerations need us to understand.

Repair and Maintenance

First, to set up equipment maintenance and maintenance agencies, and have specialized maintenance personnel, clear their responsibilities, to carry out the technical training before induction, unqualified persons can not post.

Second, the maintenance of equipment and maintenance plans, in the formulation of the annual production and management plan, must make a maintenance plan for the equipment, so that time, money, the implementation of human resources in place.

Third, the necessary spare parts reserve is indispensable, not enough. The maintenance and maintenance of the real record, to set up a fault diagnosis team. Analyze the causes of failure and the measures to eliminate it.

To do three: The reason is not clear, the responsibility is not spared; Five, to make suitable for the enterprise equipment maintenance and maintenance system.

Everything is done to make sure the equipment is working properly.


Strictly comply with safety operation rules, do not work or overhaul must cut off power.

Operation Running 1.

Operators must read the instructions, familiar with the working principles and procedures, according to the requirements of operating equipment, non-professional operators will not allow the operation of this equipment. 2.

The power must be cut off when the equipment is stopped working or repaired. 3.

Materials can not contain large particles (greater than 10mm) aggregates or other sundries, especially iron pieces and other solid items, one side damaged molds and equipment was damaged. 4. To eliminate the bond on the pallet in time.

Supporting plate production to comply with the rules, diagonal error less than 5mm, in the feeder stacking not more than five pieces. 5.

Equipment operation, the operator should be the principle of equipment, no one should touch the machinery, to avoid personal accidents. 6.

It is not allowed to operate for a long time without idle vibration.

Questions 1.

Control cabinet has a considerable number of weak circuits, more sensitive to dust, to do a good job of daily dust, keep the cabinet clean and tidy. 

2.Touch screen must not press hard, not to use hard material to touch pressure. 

3.There is a high pressure in the cabinet, non-professionals can not move. In the use of the brick-free machine, we have different treatment methods in use, above I give you the above knowledge is in the use of brick-free and maintenance of the way, to make our operation has a certain correctness, to protect our production of safety and the use of machinery for a long time.


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