Peanut picker factory house tells you to buy agricultural machinery must look at 10 indicators!

- Mar 26, 2018 -

In the first purchase of agricultural machinery products, often faced with many brands of products, I do not know which to choose.

Here are a few ways to do this.

One: choose a brand.

Generally speaking, the scale of brand name enterprises is relatively large, and the research and development ability and quality guarantee conditions are relatively strong.

The product quality is stable, the three package service is more timely.

Qingzhong machinery factory "qing zhong" trademark won the famous brand name of henan province.

See the effect.

Before purchase, we should consult with people who have this kind of machinery, compare several brands, understand the performance, quality and after-sale service of the products.

See id.

The product quality is guaranteed by inspection and control.

The licensed products are stamped with the badge.

It is important to note that some enterprises have several types of products, which may prove to be a product, and other models may not be certified.

See appearance.

Generally speaking, the product appearance quality partly reflects the inner quality of the product.

Observe whether there are any signs of bumps, damage, depainting and refurbishment of the products;

Weld seams are smooth and firm;

Leakage of oil on sealing surface;

Whether the gap of each part is consistent;

Casting parts such as the box body and other defects such as cracks and pores.

See id.

Brand of the product name, model, main technical parameters, standards and production enterprise name, address, phone number, zip code, and product factory number, production date, etc to complete.

Warning signs for potentially dangerous parts, such as protective covers, are mandatory.

Operate position markers on or around the operation.

The identification is complete, not only reflects the strict standards of enterprise execution, but also facilitates user operation.

Be careful when buying products that are too long, stored or repaired.

See instructions.

Specifications, product model, name, executive standard number of safety warning content meaning, model, the main applicable scope, main technical parameters, performance and maintenance, fault and complete content must wait in line.

Warning content should be highlighted;

The production enterprise address should be consistent with other documents and nameplates.

If no enterprise address or contact number is a mobile phone number, such products are often produced by informal enterprises and should not be selected.

The service.

The products produced by the regular enterprises all have three packages of certificates, which have not only the instructions on the maintenance of the three packages, but also the three package maintenance record forms.

To explain the three - pack maintenance period and three - pack maintenance unit's contact address, telephone and so on.

The perfect three package service is the effective guarantee of product use, can relieve the user's worries.

The protection.

Most agricultural machinery must have protective measures, which are stipulated by the national mandatory standards.

For this, must choose those who have the reliable safeguard measure, set up to remove hidden danger and have warning mark to buy.

This is not only safe to use, but also to avoid accidents.

If some product protective cover belongs to choose and buy, do not want to covet cheap to omit the protection cover, give oneself use bury hidden trouble.

Look at the price.

Select the product according to your own affordability and function needs, appropriately compare the price.

If the same kind of product is too low, such machine quality is often difficult to guarantee.

In similar products, it is recommended to buy the products of medium price.

The same brand, model product is in the premise that eliminates the inventory machine, repair machine, compares the dealer, can choose the product with relatively low price.

Test run.

Start performance checks.

The engine has to be started several times in a row to check the startup performance.

Second, empty operation inspection.

At the normal working speed, the machine can run for more than a quarter of an hour, check whether the machine is running smoothly and without abnormal sound.

After operation, check the combination surface and sealing surface for oil leakage;

Whether there is overheating in each bearing position and transmission box.

Third, check operation performance.

The actual operation machine, check whether the operation is convenient, whether the deviation phenomenon and so on.

If the machine can not be tested, the machine can be checked manually to check whether the rotating parts are flexible or not.

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