Peanut harvesting machine factory introduces peanut planting technology.

- Feb 23, 2018 -

Peanut is an economic crop, and also one of the world's four largest oil crops.

Peanuts can be grown in most parts of our country, especially in the north, where the area is very large.

Peanuts can be used in many ways, except for oil, and can be used as a snack, or as a tasty dish.

For many people, it is almost impossible to grow peanuts. Today, we are going to introduce peanut planting methods for the attack. You can also plant peanuts at home.

The peanut planting method is as follows:

1. Select excellent varieties with early maturity and drought resistance.

The flowering and pod of peanuts is the period of most water demand in life.

The amount of rainfall is an important factor in peanut production.

Precocious peanut can be completed in the middle of July in our county, and the middle and late cooked peanuts will be delayed until the beginning of August to early September.

The end of flood season in jishui county is usually in the middle of July. After the end of the flood season, every year, except for a few years, there is a different degree of drought.

The precocious peanut finished flower and pod by mid-july, and the total drought probability was small, about 18%.

And medium - cooked, late - cooked peanut in late stage, the total drought probability is more than 70%.

Therefore, the planting of peanut in our county should be a precocious and drought-tolerant variety.

2 timely broadcast

Daily average temperature 12 ℃, 5 cm or higher ground temperature 15 ℃ or higher, have 3 ~ 5 d warm sunny weather, good peanut sowing.

The general year can be planted in fine weather in late march;

In case of adverse weather, the sowing can be extended to early April.

If the conditions permit, we should aim for early planting, so as to increase the effective accumulated temperature and early flowering to avoid the drought and produce a good harvest.

3. Maintain soil and water

Peanuts should be planted to protect soil, especially in hilly areas.

4. Rotation

The rotation of peanuts is beneficial to the absorption of soil nutrients by the root system of peanut, and it is also beneficial to the prevention and treatment of pests and diseases, so as to ensure the high yield of peanut stable production.

5. Clear the seedlings

In order to get the most of the first pair of branches exposed to the peanut, to receive the sunlight, to promote the effective flower bud early differentiation, should be in the peanut seedlings, use the fine weather to clear the tree.

It is appropriate to clear the depth of the leaf just above the ground.

The peanut planting method is introduced here. If you want to plant peanuts, please refer to the method we introduced.

Our company is a professional manufacturer of peanut picker. If you are interested in the peanut picker, you can visit our official website to learn about or contact our factory.


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