Peanut fruit picking machine for the help of our production

- Mar 10, 2018 -

We all know that there are many quality products in our agricultural machinery, their use for our agricultural production process has brought a lot of help, peanut fruit picking machine is one of them, it can effectively help us to harvest peanuts, greatly improve the production process of our peanuts, for our agricultural production has brought a lot of help, So what does the peanut picking machine bring to our lives?

Below our professional manufacturers to the detailed summary of the peanut fruit picking machine for our help. Agricultural mechanization can greatly improve the efficiency of labor production, the most obvious embodiment, the former dozens of people's working labor, now as long as a person on the line, and peanuts as the main domestic cash crop, its production of seed receipts, are very needed to achieve the labor force, peanut fruit picking machine is a kind of rapid picking equipment,

It can quickly leave the peanut and the neck mantle, to avoid the slow knife by removing the rotten fruit, bud phenomenon. Peanut fruit picking machine is used to remove peanuts from the peanut seedlings of machinery, but also belong to the peanut Joint harvester part of the machine. In the past, China is mainly applied to pick the dried fruit machinery, in recent years, according to the requirements of agronomy and farming many scientific research and production units, the development and promotion of fruit picking machinery.

Peanut fruit picking machine includes simple hand pick fruit machine, engine matching fruit picker, tractor matching fruit picker and motor matching fruit picking machine. We only have a clear understanding of the machinery for our production to bring the help, can be based on the actual production of the correct choice of machinery, so that better make the machinery to play a role, the above is our manufacturers for you to summarize the peanut fruit picking machine for our production to bring help, hope that this knowledge can better help you in the future of agricultural production.


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