PAD-block machine manufacturers to introduce you to the type of pad block

- Mar 10, 2018 -

In our machinery production and processing industry pad machine used is very common is also very important, so we must understand the product before using the relevant characteristics to better help us in the future use. How many kinds of pad machine are there? Most people who have contacted this device for the first time have such questions? Because we often hear what cement pad machine ah, static pressure pad block machine, hydraulic pad block machine, horse pedal pad block machine, and so on, although collectively known as Pad block machine, but the name is a variety. Although the name of the pad machine does not have any hard rules, but such a variety of terms, but also let a lot of the first investment of this equipment, people do not understand the mind, in particular, the purchase of equipment to increase the difficulty.

So today we're going to talk about this problem. Although the PAD block machine has a lot of names, if according to classification, the type of pad machine is not a lot. We often say that the cement pad block machine, concrete pad block machine is also called different, Cement pad machine Molding mode if it is pure hydraulic molding, can also be called static pressure pad block machine, this equipment is the most new type of Pad block machine, the production of cushion block quality, high strength, and production process without noise generation. If it is vibration + hydraulic forming can be called hydraulic vibration pad block machine. There are also a number of customer habits according to the role and use of pad block collectively referred to these devices, such as our common building, bridges, high-speed rail pad machine. What we usually call the plum-shaped pad block machine, the circular cake pad machine and so on are according to the shape of the cushion block. In this way, I believe everyone will have a general understanding of the type of pad machine. About the price of pad-block machine, different types, different models, different capacity of the pad block machine quotes are not the same, so there is no way to give a specific price, want to clear the price of the block machine, you can contact us we will answer for you.


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