Our machinery equipment will introduce high - speed manufacturing technology

- May 21, 2018 -

With our technical innovation, fully automatic cement block machine new market.

Building cement block machine is the combination of hydraulic, vibration cement block machine, cement block machine with river sand and gravel, slag, shale, coal gangue, fly ash as main raw materials, such as adding a small amount of cement, the cement block machine pressure molding, natural curing can be used. The biggest characteristic of machine is multi-purpose cement block machine, not only can produce all kinds of cement block construction, support, stirrups, the plum flower, etc., can also produce color pavement brick, lu yanshi, buffalos, lawn brick, slope protection brick and other products. Cement block machine adopts Germany core technology production, the mold is made of high quality steel products advanced technology, finishing, cutting, heat treatment, etc

The process, durable, is in the international leading position.

Reinforced cement block machine operating system USES the Japanese mitsubishi PLC programmable controller and HMI touch screen control, equipped with data input device, security logic control and fault diagnosis system, which can realize the ideal man-machine dialogue. Perform manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic mode operations. Each perform a parameters can be arbitrarily set. To ensure product quality and efficiency. The unique arch breaker blanking and make the material quickly and evenly into the molding box;

Special double-end synthetic output vibration technology, reasonable vibrator to decorate, make the exciting force is uniformly distributed within the vibration table. To ensure that the goods weight, the strength of the consistency. Cement reinforced pad machine sell like hot cakes, large and small block machine manufacturers have mushroomed generally arises at the historic moment, so more confused the user's eye, too much, hard to choice. This lies in the eye of the user, to choose the right to the cement block machine equipment.

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