Operation specification of cement foaming machine.

- Mar 01, 2018 -

The cement foaming machine is one of the common machines in the construction industry.

The cement foaming machine is the processing machinery, in the use process should strictly follow the instructions to operate, so what is its operation requirements?

1. Start the machine.

1. Check oil level of engine oil and hydraulic oil.

2. Check water level and circuit voltage.

3. Check the position of each valve and the connection of each connector is normal.

4. Check whether the main power supply and power supply connections are strong and sound.

5. Check whether the mixing box is clean and clean.

2. Startup procedure.

1. Turn on the power;

2. Operate the bubble machine, open the test switch to check whether the foam meets the requirements. After normal, close the switch and close the bubble machine;

3, open the blender, after the functioning correctly, start the injection switch to join material, make the mixer work, reliable pulp gradually achieve the drum five elements, the point of the slowly open cement conveyor, after waiting for the normal operation, to open building bubble machine, injection mixer to work place

3. Operators of foam concrete foaming machine must be trained by safety technology, pass the examination and be on duty, and it is strictly prohibited to operate without a hand.

Four, foam concrete cement foaming machine installation must be smooth and firm, insulation and build fortification rain hit the prevention work shed, work place should maintain clean, heat water supply facilities, bird reservoir, and dig a ditch, keep clear of site drainage Five, the day before class must be conducted after the three inspection system, the examination content, check the machine (1) the daily shift relative environment and mechanical obstruction, check the oil level of motor oil, hydraulic oil, and the valve switch, mud pump, mixer, pipeline without clogging.

The fuselage is stable, the safety protection device is sensitive and reliable, and it is confirmed that the test car can be closed before the operation can be done without abnormal sound.

(2) class of tractor driver shall not leave the job, should observe does not normal or abnormal sound, according to the situation immediately stop or after downtime will stir in the bin, a switch power check after repair.

After the work, the machine should be cleaned, the site should be cleaned, the pipe should be cleaned, the machine and materials should be covered with plastic cloth, and the power will be shut off and the door will be locked.

Six, foam concrete cement foaming machine can not use overload, it is strictly prohibited in the operation maintenance, it is forbidden to use tools into the mix in the steak, if encounter midway through a power outage or pumping system damage, material must be let out, down pipe, rinse clean with water.

It is forbidden to check or remove the head or hand in the material box and the frame.

Before using the cement foaming machine, it is necessary to understand the operating principle and operation steps of the foaming machine. Only understanding the machine can reduce mistakes in the process of using the machine.


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