Manufacturers share the installation skills of peanut seedling rubbing machine

- Mar 10, 2018 -

Any machine will have instructions when it's just bought. We are in the process of mechanical use as long as we seriously follow the instructions above the installation steps, it will be faster to make the machinery into use, but there are some machinery installed in the time there are some tips, if we understand these installation techniques,

will be the use of our machinery to bring a lot of help, below our professional manufacturers to share some of the peanut seedling rubbing machine installation skills. How to install peanut straw kneading machine after buying?

Are there any methods and installation tips?

The installation method of peanut stalk kneading machine:

1, with bolts will rub machine and motor or diesel engine fixed on the rack, adjust the motor position to ensure that the motor belt pulley groove and the main belt pulley groove on the positive, and get a moderate belt tightness.

2, will install the good machine on the flat cement ground.

3, check all electrical and circuit is safe and reliable.

4, after the installation of machine parts to rotate flexible, air transfer without card collision phenomenon and abnormal sound can be put into use.

The working principle of peanut stalk kneading machine:

Material from manual to feed the entrance, by the high-speed rotation of the gear roll, with the material into the cut-cutting structure, by the high-speed rotary blade plus hammer in the high-speed rotation of the airflow under the cutting and grinding; The relative motion of the hammer piece and the gear plate is rubbed into a scattered, filiform, ejected body by the fan.

The length of the material can be adjusted according to gear stall speed. The above is our factory for you to summarize the peanut seedling rubbing machine installation skills. In the use of peanut seedling kneading machine There are a lot of use of skills, these skills also need our staff in the process of use slowly summed up. More peanut seedling rubbing machine knowledge please everyone in the future of life more attention to our official website or call us to inquire.


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