It is very important to deal with the dust when the brick machine is used

- Jan 30, 2018 -

Whatever equipment, if placed under the dust for a long time, so whether external to the machine, or the phenomenon of internal parts are prone to corrosion, so it is mechanical equipment in use process need maintenance and cleaning.


And the work environment of block brick machine itself can appear dust, if we do not deal with in time, then can affect the service life of block brick machine.

Block brick machine, the phenomenon of the dust in the work, mainly occur in the process of forming equipment, which we usually say that the vibration in the process of the pressure, in this link, if a group of production after work, not to block brick machine to conduct a comprehensive, clear in place of, so the next time the production, it's easy to appear this kind of phenomenon.

And once block brick machine for a long time didn't get the comprehensive cleaning and maintenance, it's easy to accelerate the aging process of equipment, gradually there will be a problem such as rust, condensation, step by step in the later days will be eroded bricks machine health, will have an accident at work, even dangerous.

Therefore, the block brick machine must pay attention to the daily cleaning work, must not do not do because of the convenience of the picture, or the work is not thorough, in order to avoid unnecessary accidents.

In addition, the bricks machine appear this kind of problem, in addition to cleaning work does not reach the designated position, if it is in the process of raw materials mixing enough moisture, also can cause block brick machine appear the phenomenon of dust while working.

Once because of raw material dry humidity problems of dust, then mixed in the process of mixing a serious shortage of water, or because the raw material not stir well, and as raw material to produce bricks, you must immediately rejoined mixer thoroughly before it solidified stirring, so as not to cause the bricks appeared quality problem.

Bricks on the dust is not to be processed on time, will not only affect the service life of the machine, and can also affect the product quality, so our daily in the process of using block brick machine, will do daily maintenance work, set a time and do regular maintenance, so that can ensure the normal operation of production on the rails, and equipment.

If you have any problems in using the product, you are welcome to inquire the machinery factory in qingzhong.

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