Inspection work of automatic brick - free brick machine

- Jan 22, 2018 -

It is often used in our construction industry and has an irreplaceable role in the development of construction industry.


The fire - free brick machine checks the power problem before using it.

To ensure production safety and avoid some factors of non-artificial damage equipment, such as animal accidentally bite, will bite the wires, all these problems need to pay attention to, so before starting to check whether each wire is intact, bad to change in time.

Today fully automatic fire - free brick factory home for us to introduce its use before the inspection work.

The fire - free brick machine should check whether there is any sundries on the mould and mould box before starting the machine.

In the evening, there will be snow and wind, and there will be debris blown to the mold. Direct production will affect the brick specifications, affecting the quality and strength.

Clean up the mold, also apply a layer of oil on the mold, avoid the material sticking to the mold, reduce the production.

The upper and lower molds should be aligned, and the installation adjustment is good for production.

Secondly, the fire - free brick machine should install all the protective cover and cover plate before operation, and the safe operation should be put in the first place.

The equipment should be cleaned before operation, and the personnel who are not related to the work should be cleaned before operation, especially the motor direction is strictly prohibited, so as to avoid safety accidents.

The machine can not operate the feeding machine before the machine is turned on, so as to avoid the overload phenomenon, which can lead to the damage of the equipment parts.

Through the above introduction, here will add special remind is baking-free brick machine seal network must be installed before operation, the operators are strictly prohibited near or put hands or sundries in sealing the network directly, to avoid equipment failure.

For our normal use, there is no shortage of inspection before work, and we hope that our workers can make good habit of checking before each use.

Qingzhong machinery factory is engaged in the production and sale of fully automatic fire free brick machine, if you have this demand, you are welcome to inquire.

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