In the work of the block machine, it should be noted that the screws are loose.

- Apr 08, 2018 -

Block machine is used widely at present construction industry block production equipment, and on this device has a large and small screw, the screw will be closely linked parts, you can speak in a very important role, once in a single screw to loosen will lead to the production of the block sizes, unequal thickness, the serious influence the quality of block and and caused problem to normal production, so before work must check the detail place.

There are 56 pieces of screws on the pad. There are 36 sets of screws, 16 moulds and 4 bases. Each function is different.


Hooks, the screws on the hook are drawn to the hook, allowing the hook to return to its original position.

Mould, cement block machine equipment commonly between the mould and bracket are stalled, in order to reduce collision, reduce wear and tear, so design for buffer shock absorption screw, the screw relationship with the life of the mould, if there is a direction of screw loosening, or fracture, it is possible to reduce the die life, so if the screw loose once, here should be tightening up immediately.

At the base, the screw at the base is also cushioned, removing the force of the vibrating cement block chassis and reducing the wear and tear of the mold.

Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to each widget during the production of the block machine, thus affecting the normal production.

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