Hydraulic block molding machine

- Dec 12, 2017 -

The hydraulic block molding machine comprises an upper template provided with a compacting mechanism on the upper part and a lower template provided on the lower part with a release mechanism. The compacting mechanism is equipped with a double-crank boosting mechanism which is equipped with an ultrasonic vibrator and an electromagnetic Vibrator. The utility model adopts the double vibrating mechanism of electromagnetic and ultrasonic waves, has the advantages of good shock effect, low working noise and small mechanical loss, and simultaneously adopts the double-crank pressurization device, not only compaction effect but also small power consumption and block strength high. The main equipment of block molding machine production line includes hollow block machine, which is called a block molding machine (or hollow block machine, block machine, cement brick machine), and the block machine supporting the hollow block machine, mixer and lose Transport equipment and so on.

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