How to use the product properly?

- Jan 23, 2018 -

The emergence of cement block machine led to the development of the mechanical market and the demand of the construction market.


The demand of the block machine in the market provides the development space for the cement block machine factory, and also makes the cement block machine manufacturers face great competition.

The following is a block machine factory home to show you how to use the product properly.

In the engineering building, the cement block made by the cement block is used as the protective layer of reinforcement, and the quality of the cement block must be strictly controlled.

As a indispensable auxiliary support steel material, in cement block, using the manual mold processing, the intensity of the product appearance difference is very big labor intensity big costs high and gradually become obsolete.

Fit clearance between the cement block machine parts is small, when making installation is difficult to guarantee the uniformity of clearance, so the lubricating oil regularly, the runtime will not in the friction surface, causing wear and tear.

Cement block machine, the deviation between the individual components will cooperate with size when used as shock, vibration and so on load, the influence of factors such as heat, deformation, and the wear too fast, can make the original fastening parts loose, should be timely processing.

Is not only in the use of cement block machine for cleaning maintenance, use other kinds of machinery should be regular maintenance and maintenance, to the problems and abnormal timely exclusion and processing.

Reasonable use of cement block machine can bring long-term economic benefits.

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