How to maintain the cement foaming machine?

- Feb 01, 2018 -

Cement foaming machine in the process of daily use, the need to pay attention to many things, once the operation use undeserved, can cause cement foaming machine malfunction, next, cement foam factory house to introduce to you daily maintenance methods of cement foaming machine.

1. Pay attention to cooling.

Working long hours is easy to overheat, so be careful to cool down.

When the motor is too hot, the machine door of the foaming machine can be opened to let its natural ventilation.

Or use electric fan, blower to do the cooling treatment to the motor.

Or remove the casing next to the motor to increase its heat dissipation capacity.

2. Minimize the vibration of the foaming machine.

The power plant of the cement foaming machine is working, because it will produce certain vibration.

This vibration will damage the already formed foam production.

And cause the instrument damage on the machine.

Therefore, when installing the foaming machine, try to use the floor screws to fix the foaming machine on the ground. When the screws are loose, tighten them in a timely manner.

If it is a mobile foaming machine, it should be installed with stable foot. When used, the mobile wheel will be lifted up to stabilize the ground foot, so as to make the foaming machine have good stability.

3. Cement foaming machine.

Water leakage treatment of the foaming machine is leaking, usually with foaming agent into the liquid pipe or valve.

Check whether the inlet pipe is broken, whether the connector is loose or not tightened.

Also check whether the valve is loose or damaged, and replace it immediately if the valve is damaged.

4. The air leakage of the cement foaming machine is used to deal with the long-term use of aging fracture.

Long term use of tracheal joints has caused leakage;

The failure of the solenoid valve or other parts to produce a leak;

The bubble device is airtight or the seal fails to cause air leakage.

There are four reasons for air leakage.

In the case of air leakage, the above four reasons should be checked gradually to eliminate the failure in time.

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