How to maintain and maintain the brick - free brick machine?

- Jan 23, 2018 -

Machinery factory in huaxian county enjoys celebrating baking-free brick machine are of high quality, superior performance, but it is a good equipment if it is not often maintenance and maintenance, also can't always work, so the machine's maintenance and maintenance is very important.

Then, in the slide county qingzhong machinery factory to introduce how to maintain and maintain the brick - free brick machine.


1, 25 ㎜ baking-free brick machine equipment power supply lines should be chosen more than 2 aluminium wire or copper wire above 16 ㎜ 2.

Equipment normal operation when the input voltage of: high voltage 380 v to 410 v, low voltage 330 v to 360 v, the equipment must be reliable grounding installation, to ensure the safety of manipulation of the staff, if you don't install grounding device, according to the requirement of life or personal injury caused by our company is not responsible for.

2. The motor of the non-burning brick machine oil pump is suppressed or rolling, which leads to the burning of the motor. The reason is that the total pressure regulating valve of the equipment (the large nut under the distributor) is overcharged.

(the total pressure regulating valve should be gradually reduced until the motor is working properly.)

3. The vibration power of the vibrator is not enough, and the brick period is long or the brick is loose, because the pressure regulation of the lower die pressure is too large;

(lower die pressure regulation is too large, bay of the vibrator is vibrating, condition of mould on the oil cylinder tubing shall be corresponding to the pressure regulating valve pressure alone down gradually, until the machine can fully display of vibrating force)

4. The reason for the welding or damage of the mold, balance arm and the host parts is that the pressure of the lower mould is too small;

(die down under the pressure regulation is too small, can't to lock lower die, cause mould with vibrating impact force is too large, for the parts damage to different parts of the whole equipment is too large, on the condition of mould oil cylinder tubing shall be corresponding to the pressure is big, pressure regulating valve alone down until the vibrating force is not random machine and reduce the damage for the machine)

The maintenance and maintenance of the brick - free brick machine will also find many problems in future use. Please pay more attention to our website or call our company.

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