How to improve the operation efficiency of peanut picker?

- Mar 14, 2018 -

Peanut picker in our agricultural production plays a very important role in the process, it not only greatly improve the efficiency of the farmer uncle, and great convenience to our agricultural production, and play an important role for the development of our agriculture.

But how to improve the operation efficiency of peanut picker?

Let me give you a detailed introduction.

The agricultural production of peanut picker increased efficiency, and many peanut planting areas began to collect peanuts.

It saves a lot of cost and increases the benefit of peanut harvest.

However, many farmers are not able to use the peanut picker correctly, thus affecting their working efficiency.

Then see how the peanut picker can improve your productivity and believe it will help you.

First, the peanut picker should be carried out according to the technological process, and do not violate the rules, so as to avoid safety hazards.

When the peanut seedlings are fed, they must first fill the feeding mouth with the results of the peanut, and the feeding time should be even.

It is forbidden to feed hard objects such as stones, blocks and metal objects into the machine, so as not to damage the machine and cause personal accidents.

The gap between the roller and the bottom of the sieve is easy to be picked.

When the peanuts contain more sundries, when the peanuts have been sucked out, adjust the air intake.

When sundry, reduce the intake;

Peanut small fruit has been sucked out, raise the air intake.

When the drum is blocked, the feeding amount should be checked, the drying humidity of peanut seedlings, the tightness of the motor triangle belt, the power supply voltage, etc.

Adjust the clearance between the roller and the bottom of the sieve when the peanut picker is not clean.

If you hear abnormal sound or find fault, you must stop the machine to check and troubleshoot.

It is strictly forbidden to work overload.

Xingfu agriculture is specialized in producing high quality peanut picker, and various kinds of fruit picking machines are popular with farmers, which greatly improve the process of agricultural machinery in China.

Knowing how to improve the working efficiency of peanut picker, I believe that the use of peanut picker will be more flexible.

I also hope that the above knowledge about peanut picker can help you.


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