How to debug a brick - free brick machine?

- Mar 05, 2018 -

Different from the traditional kiln brick technology, the brick machine is a new type of brick machine, which is made of hydraulic moulding, which eliminates the traditional firing process.

The machine is usually debugged after the installation of a free brick machine, and the debugging steps are as follows.

1, adjust the clearance between the cylinder bottom and feeding mechanism scraper, ㎜ should be no greater than 2.

2, adjust the feeding mechanism under the cylinder bottom clearance between the market and should be no greater than 0.5 ㎜.

3, adjust feeding mechanism of the upper cylinder adjust the clearance between the ring and feeding tray is 0.5 ㎜ - 1.

4, adjust the altitude, make out bricks, mold surface should be higher than the disk 1 ㎜ (allowing surface with a thin iron in orbit and support).

5. Adjust the eccentric shaft of the brick mechanism so that it can press out the required bricks.

After installation of the brick - free brick machine, it is necessary to carry out the test drive, which includes two parts: blank section and load test.

Before the test, should machine appearance inspection, tighten fastening parts, remove back wheel surface, horizontal hole and other impurities on the transmission parts, at the same time to add the lubricating oil to deal with all lubricating points, and then the artificial lift machine, wheel turning back 2-3 weeks, through inspection machine, confirm no jam phenomenon.

All inspection before empty experiment, operation time should be not less than 2 hours, the run-in test bearing temperature should be carefully observed, the gear meshing, the motor temperature rise and lubrication situation, pay attention to the brick molding mechanism and orbital roof tile parts work.

After the empty vehicle test is qualified, the feeding quantity shall be gradually increased, the load test shall be carried out, and the working conditions of each part under the load shall be checked, and the load test shall be no less than 4 hours.

After the debugging of the brick - free brick machine, it is necessary to make pre-job technical training before use, fully understand the operation principle of the machine and the relationship between the parts of the machine, so as to safely use the free brick machine.


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