How to debug a brick - free brick machine?

- Jan 16, 2018 -

Baking-free brick machine is in the life can get the user's favor, mainly is because of baking-free brick machine is different from traditional kiln brick process, is a new type of brick making machine, through hydraulic forming, removes the firing technology of heavy and complicated.

After the brick machine is installed, we also need to debug it so as to ensure better use and improve work efficiency. So how should we debug it?


Check it out.

1, adjust the clearance between the cylinder bottom and feeding mechanism scraper, ㎜ should be no greater than 2.

2. Adjust the gap between the bottom surface of the feeding mechanism and the large plate should not be greater than 0.

5 ㎜.

3. Adjust the adjusting ring of the upper feeding tube of feeding mechanism and the clearance between the feeding plate and the feeding disk is 0.

5-1 ㎜.

4, adjust the altitude, make out bricks, mold surface should be higher than the disk 1 ㎜ (allowing surface with a thin iron in orbit and support).

5. Adjust the eccentric shaft of the brick mechanism so that it can press out the required bricks.

After debugging good according to the above method, we also want to run the test, so as to ensure that equipment is no problem, will not affect our normal use, so we must not ignore the baking-free brick machine trial run work, hope that we can do this job.

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