How to check the quality of the block machine?

- Apr 16, 2018 -

Block machine is used for production of bedding block, the main equipment in daily work, first to commissioning, to examine the block quality of produce, if produce block appear problem, should be timely find the reason to the problems, and to deal with the problem.

The blocks produced by the block machine can be made according to the mold, so what should be the quality of the block?

1, the choice of the cement block machine is very important, must be more than 63 tons of static pressure to suppress cement block machine, can produce smooth cement block appearance, because only if the pressure can guarantee the smooth appearance of cement block.

2. The white cement blocks of the raw materials can be added with more than 300 pieces of talc powder, and the higher the fineness, the smoother the appearance of the cement pad.

These are the ways to check the quality of the block in the production process. If you want to know more about the block machine, please continue to pay attention to us.

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