How is the cement block formed?

- Apr 08, 2018 -

In recent years, because of the air pollution caused by the production of free brick, the gradually burning brick has been far away from the people's sight, and in the construction project, the commonly used block is replaced.

Because the material of the block is different, the commonly used mat block now has concrete block, cement block, rebar block and so on.

The block machine is a mechanical equipment used to make the block, because its production pad is fast and does not cause too much pollution to the environment, so it is the equipment used in the current block production.

So how does the cement block form?

Cement block is also called the reinforced layer block, is made from high quality cement and sand, according to the proportion, with professional hydraulic equipment, glass, the intensity of c60, specifications range, need to build mould.

The reinforced concrete block is the block of reinforcement in the masonry structure, under the beam, to expand the pressure area, is the solution to the local pressure.

The concrete cover thickness of reinforced concrete is related to the bearing capacity, durability and fire resistance of the structure.

It is not hard to see from the above information, cement block carries great weight in the building, so the quality of the production of cement block is close friends certainly, otherwise the renovation construction engineering could be turned into tofu.

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