How does the viscosity of oil viscosity affect the work of the block machine?

- Apr 16, 2018 -

For many mechanical equipment, in daily work often require lubrication for maintenance, but also can appear some questions caused because of lubricating oil quality is bad, some will even affect the normal production of machinery and equipment.

Block machine is the need to constantly add lubricating oil in the daily work of maintenance of equipment, in order to make it to the normal work, so we studied the oil viscosity size on the impact of the block machine work.

When the pad machine is lubricated, it will always follow the principle of "more oil and less oil", because we know that less oil will result in insufficient oil supply and poor lubrication, leading to mechanical accidents.

Therefore, when filling the block machine refueling, should not be afraid of the insufficient oil quantity and "would rather add".

In fact, too much oil will not only increase the power consumption of crankshaft due to the increase of rotational resistance, but also the gas bubbles, emulsification and overflow, resulting in poor lubrication.

Block machine with high viscosity oil can solve the problem of engine working weakness and channeling the oil: engine working to engine oil, engine oil and channeling phenomenon is external characteristics of technical conditions deteriorate, "with high viscosity oil can solve the above problem" on the basis of inadequate.

On the contrary, it will increase the starting resistance of the engine, aggravate the lubrication performance and aggravate the friction of the machine parts.

Block machine big oil viscosity is smaller than viscosity of oil is good for engine: level of lubrication oil viscosity too high, will cause the oil pump pumping performance is poor, flow is reduced, and make its lubricity, washing and cooling becomes bad, make the half dry friction parts, easily cause tile burning, such as holding shaft failure.

From the above information, it is not difficult to see that the lubrication of the block machine can be solved without lubricating oil, and we need to add the lubricating oil according to the actual use.

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