How does the manufacturer introduce the block machine to improve the production efficiency?

- Jan 23, 2018 -

Block machine for our industry development has brought a lot of help, block machine saves a lot of labor, but if you want to increase the output of block machine, we can only adopt a correct method, is to reduce the fault, fault less, will not affect the equipment production, natural yield is high.

The following is to introduce how to improve the production efficiency of the block machine.

The block machine produces a block with a period of 15-20 seconds per second. We should not cut the cycle in order to increase the output.


Some customers have found that the hydraulic system of the pad machine has been slowed down during the production of the block machine.

The lifting speed of the hydraulic system is slowed down, and the period of the production pad is longer, which will have a great impact on the forming period of the block.

So we must solve this problem in time.

Oil cylinder sealing wear causes oil cylinder leakage.

There are many reasons for the leakage of hydraulic cylinder, such as abrasion or high oil temperature.

It can be seen that the effect of a small fault on the block machine is very large.

So we need to solve this problem in time if there is a failure.

Actually not only block machine, all equipment failure happens we must solve in time, sometimes a little small trouble, can bring to the follow-up work an immeasurable loss, so in improving production efficiency at the same time, the important thing is to always maintain, completes the maintenance.

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