How do you use the cement block machine properly?

- Jan 12, 2018 -

Block machine is currently in the process of building the necessary production equipment, including the daily application of cement block machine especially widely, many users care about most is how to guarantee the normal operation of the cement block machine, so we need to understand how to correctly use cement block machine.


Here is the introduction of the block machine factory.

1. Be sure to carefully adjust the block machine clearance, the clearance adjustment block machine includes not only the head and the mold core, pressure head and skip sport plane, also including the frame and the spacing, such as line board relative motion shall not interfere in, brush touch;

2. When installing or replacing new and old molds, it is necessary to avoid collision and collision.

3. Use air compressor and soft tool to remove the concrete residue when the cement block machine is daily cleaning the mold.

4. The replacement for the mold, clean, besmear antirust oil, should be dry, level off, all the load bearing for machine, so good lubrication for the bearing life has a lot to do, it directly affects the service life of the machine and operation rate;

5. Pay attention to the degree of wear of the worn parts and replace the worn parts at any time;

6. The floor plane of the moving device should be removed from dust and other objects so that the movable bearing cannot be moved on the chassis when it meets the material that cannot be broken.

7. Bearing oil temperature rise should be eliminated immediately for the reason of stop check.

Through the above introduction, we know the correct way of using the cement block machine, in the later production and processing only correctly grasp the operating methods of the cement block machine, cement block machine can normal operation, also can increase the service life of the cement block machine.

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