High-speed impeller foaming machine main models

- Dec 12, 2017 -

After years of application and technical improvements, high-speed mixing foaming machine formed a variety of different models of the structure. The main models are the following.

① vertical axis impeller

The foaming machine foaming cylinder is a vertical cylinder, which has a vertical shaft in the cylinder, a fixed detachable impeller is mounted on the shaft head, the motor is installed on the upper part of the foaming cylinder, . Its mouth open, in order to remove bubbles manually from the barrel. The foaming machine barrel is not flip bubble, there are some limitations. Figure 5-1 is the appearance of vertical impeller foaming machine.

② vertical shaft belt type

This foaming machine vertical shaft impeller is not a conventional blade, but the spiral belt, the lowest end of the spiral impeller installed in the upper spiral to install a device to eliminate large foam, you can make too much foam Get under control This bubble machine bubble diameter range than the first smaller, a certain degree of technological progress.

③ vertical shaft gear

The main change of the new impeller foaming machine is that some wall gear (stator) is installed in the lower part of the cylinder wall and is interlaced with the blades (rotor) on the vertical shaft. When the rotor rotates at high speed (800r / min), the stator Can help the rotor to blow the bubble, improve the bubble efficiency.

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