Fully automatic block machine to choose when to choose which problems to pay attention to

- Jan 22, 2018 -

We buy the block machine, to the manufacturer to inspect the equipment is a necessary step.

If you only listen to the one-sided word of the manufacturer, there is no guarantee of the quality of the equipment purchased.

So be sure to go to factory on-the-spot investigation, when we look at best to see the real equipment, so that more secure, because we should not only look at the structure of the block machine, to see how the production status of the block machine.

So what should we look at when we look at it?

This may also be a question for many people. Here is a summary of the experience we have learned from the fully automatic block machine factory.

1. We should make a detailed understanding of the model, production capacity, liquid pressure, production volume, price and so on before the inspection.

When you come to the factory to inspect the product, when you listen to the manufacturer's introduction, you should ask the manufacturer in time if there is any misunderstanding or difference.

2. Visit the factory to see the quality of the equipment, the workmanship, the materials, the production workshop, the scale of the factory, and the reputation of the manufacturer.

What about word of mouth?

Quality is character, character is integrity, if there is no integrity of the manufacturer, believe the quality will not be good.

3. The hydraulic system, frame, molding system and computer control system of the block machine should be checked individually, so as to be detailed and orderly.

4. In addition, the vibration part of the block machine is often the place where the customer is more negligent.

This area is sealed, generally does not allow the user to operate, can use the hand scroll to stir the spindle, the scroll is sensitive, then is energizing test, see oscillations have noise, noise sounds like a boring is good and strong.

Through the above introduction, we can eliminate the unqualified manufacturers from the above standards, so as to know which equipment quality is good.

I hope that our introduction can help the friends in need, and also hope that everyone can choose the products they are satisfied with.

Qingzhong machinery factory specializes in the production and sales of fully automatic packing machine and cement foaming machine, we have the problem or need to welcome you to inquire.

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