Free brick factory tutor you to solve the hollow brick defect

- Jan 25, 2018 -

Hollow brick is the groundwork for construction projects including civil engineering products, so the quality of the hollow brick is especially important, therefore when using baking-free brick machine products, we need to strictly control the quality.

Sometimes the hollow brick will appear dimensional or the deviation defect of appearance, when meeting these circumstances, what should we do?

The following is an analysis of the reason and the prevention and control measures.

1. Production phenomenon

Concrete hollow brick shape dimensions long and wide and beyond the industry standard to allow the range of differences, short broken bricks, missing edge Angle, cracks, void fraction obviously small.

2. The production reasons (1) the current concrete hollow brick production mold for iron mold, mold wear deformation after long time use, which resulted in increased product size deviation, empty rate decline, the blocks.

In the process of forming, the filling is not uniform, the mixture ratio is not allowed, the curing system is unreasonable, and the sand and gravel content is very high, which can easily cause the surface crack of concrete hollow brick.

In the process of moving from the production line to the maintenance yard, the vibration is too large and the collision is damaged.

In the case of uncivilized loading and unloading of the finished product, short broken bricks are produced.

3. The prevention and control measures should be carried out regularly to check, maintain and check the production equipment, and reduce the measurement error.

The service life of the new mould is between 140,000 and 160,000 times, and the over-limit use will make the mold appearance size and rigidity deformation, when the mold needs to be replaced.

The quality control of raw materials is strengthened, especially for sand and stone.

The suitable ratio of concrete mixture was selected by practical comparison.

In order to increase the mixing time and vibration time, and to improve the curing condition of concrete.

To standardize the transportation of finished products and semi-finished products.

Above is the hollow bricks in the process of production, we are easy to overlook the problem, which leads to the cause of the production quality is not up to standard, at the same time we are in the process of production, meet these phenomenon, according to the actual situation, timely solve.

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