Features of Semi-automatic Cement Brick Machinery Equipment

- May 29, 2018 -

More function:

This equipment can produce many kinds of products as long as the main machine is changed with different mould. Such as hollow block, standard brick, color road block, porous brick, etc.

Less electricity:

Because in the course of operation, only the oil pump motor runs for a long time, and other motors run intermittently, the performance of less electricity is highlighted.

Fast speed:

High - volume hydraulic pump convex and concave mould is used for rapid rise and fall. Automatic circulating shifting board system is our company's patented product, which fills in the domestic blank.

High quality:

The mould is made of various heat treatment technology and refined processing by professionals. The geometrical size of the product produced by it exceeds the national standard. At the same time, the unique design of this equipment combined with hydraulic pressure and shock excitation makes the external force of the product reach the limit when forming, and its compactness is quite high. Therefore, the anti - pressure and anti - folding strength of the product has been greatly improved.

Easy to operate:

The whole machine is operated by one person, and many links are completed automatically by electronic numerical control, so the operation is relatively simple. In addition, due to the high forming pressure of the machine, less water is added to the raw materials, so that the equipment can still be produced at low temperature, so that its annual operating cycle is relatively longer.

Instantly stacking:

The products produced by this machine can be stowed immediately if the density is high and the raw materials permit. Avoid air drying, waste of labor, occupation of the site and other drawbacks, for customers to reduce the cost of products.

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