Features of secondary constructional column concrete pump

- Jul 03, 2018 -


The secondary constructional column (wall) concrete transport pump has the characteristics of small volume, light weight and simple structure, and is the most ideal domestic secondary construction concrete transport equipment.This machine is a kind of special motor driven pump valve combination structure of concrete pump and hydraulic pump flow system, which can realize long-distance conveying concrete, combined with jet device can realize spraying mortar and shotcrete construction.This machine has reliable system, low failure rate and convenient maintenance. It is an ideal mixing transportation equipment for mortar, refractory mortar, fine stone concrete and heavy metal particles.

Main Technical Features:

1. The distribution valve adopts advanced s-tube valve with good sealing and simple and reliable structure.The box body is made of welded joint structure with good rigidity, high strength and beautiful appearance.The eye plate and wear-resistant ring are made of hard alloy, with good wear resistance, long life, easy to replace, and the wear-resistant ring is made of an automatic clearance mechanism.

2. Electric control commutation of hydraulic system.Constant power variable plunger pump, high reliability, long life.The fuel tank is equipped with a self-sealing oil suction filter. The side of the fuel tank is provided with a clean hole for easy maintenance and maintenance, which ensures the cleaning of the system oil.

3. The electrical system adopts Japanese company OMRON (OMRON) of programmable controller and the intermediate relay, France schneider company's sensor, chint electric ac contactor and push button switch electrical components, such as, protection grade reaches IP65.Remote control distance of wireless remote control system exceeds 200 meters;The central lubrication system is automatically controlled by the program starting and stopping and running time.The control line is simple and reliable.

4. The pump delivery system has the function of non-polar speed regulation, which solves the problem of different concrete conveying capacity under various construction conditions and is easy to operate;It has two working modes: low pressure large displacement and high pressure small displacement.

5. The mixing device is reliable in sealing and not easy to leak the pulp;The agitator blade has a reasonable structure and can adapt to various concrete proportions.

6. PARKER's high quality seal is adopted in the main hydraulic sealing parts to prevent internal and external leakage of the hydraulic system.

7. Oil-air cooler is adopted in the cooling system, with high cooling power, which can effectively reduce the heat generated by the working of the hydraulic system and ensure the working reliability of the hydraulic system.

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