Fault cause of packing system of pad machine

- Jan 19, 2018 -

Block machine in many industries have this application, any mechanical equipment in the process of production will inevitably fail, this is all belong to the normal phenomenon, block machine is not exceptional also, of course, we can do is try to avoid the occurrence of failure, so as to produce qualified products, block machine fails, the common problem is the packing system for this problem, a lot of people reflect, because do not know why cannot solve better, in order to solve your questions, here is introduced in celebration of machinery factory.


After packing systems not during or after the car is not a restriction will not produce signal, only can fill feeder and the car is in place for manual packing loop operation, imitate the active loop feed fill the role of the grid packing.

In the gate valve without during operations material door cannot be opened, then there will be two cases, one is the brake valve material not received signal, the first to check whether have the output of PLC, according to the output situation check line fault or to check the initial conditions;

It is also possible that the material door has actually been opened, but the "material gate" is close to the switch, and it may fail in the wiring of the PLC.

When the PLC of the filling machine of the pad machine goes to the power cabinet to control the contactor line of the feeder, it can be concluded that there is a fault in the line.

Through the above our block machine packing system is introduced in this paper the cause of the malfunction and solution with understanding, so in the future work, if we can timely solve the problems, in order to not affect our normal work.

Another thing to keep in mind is that we also need to maintain and maintain the block machine at work so that we can avoid problems better.

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