Failure reason of packing system in PAD-block machine

- Jan 23, 2018 -

Pad machine In many industries have this application, any mechanical equipment in the production process will inevitably fail, this is a normal phenomenon, of course, pad machine is not an exception, we can do is to avoid the occurrence of failure, so as to produce qualified products, pad machine common problem is the packing system failure,

For this problem, many people have reflected, because do not know the reason can not better solve, in order to solve everyone's problem, the following is the introduction of the Machinery factory in Qing.


Filler system is not in the rear limit or the car is not in the back of the signal will not be, only the filling and the car is in place before the manual filling cycle operation, imitate the active cycle when the feeder to the grid filler role. When the gate valve is not operating, the gate is not open, at this time there will be two cases, one is the material gate valve did not receive a signal, the first to check the PLC is not output, according to the output of the inspection line failure or check the initial conditions; there may be the material door has actually turned over, but "material brake open"

Proximity switch Maybe it to the PLC wiring rendering fault

PAD Machine Feeder Motor PLC to power cabinet control feeder between the contactor line failure, the basic can be concluded that the line failure. Through the above introduction we to the PAD machine packing system failure reasons and solutions have been understood, then in the future work, if this problem arises we can timely solution, so as not to affect our normal work. There is also a point we need to remember is that we should also be in the work of the pad machine for a certain maintenance and maintenance, so as to better avoid the emergence of problems. Kyung-Zhong Machinery factory engaged in pad block machine, block machine production and sales, we have this need to welcome you to inquire.

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