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- Dec 12, 2017 -

According to the principle of dust collector is divided into the following five categories

dust collector

Filter dust collector, including bag filter and particle filter, electrostatic precipitator, magnetic dust collector, dry dust collector, semi-dry dust collector, wet dust collector. Now used in industry are more electric bag filter and bag filter. (Fabric filter)

Electric bag composite dust removal technology:

The electric bag compound dust collector is in a box body, the front end is installed with a short electric field and the rear end is installed with the bag filter bag. The dust and dust are introduced from the left end, firstly passing through the electric field zone and the dust particles are charged in the electric field zone and 80% to 90% Collect it. (To play the advantages of electrostatic dust reduction bag field load). Part of the flue gas passing through the electric field enters the bag area through the electric field area and enters the inner cavity of the filter bag through the outer surface of the filter bag. Dust is blocked on the outer surface of the filter bag. Pure gas is discharged from the inner cavity exhaust flue and discharged from the flue . Electric Bag Combined Dust Collector combines the advantages of both electric precipitator and pure bag filter. It is a new generation of dust removal technology. At present, nearly 200 sets of electric bag composite dust collector have been put into use.

Bag (bag) dust removal technology:

Definition: The use of filter bag filter dust removal technology.

Filter bag material: natural fiber, synthetic fiber, glass fiber, metal fiber.

Form: gas from outside the filter bag to the inside, dust in the outer surface of the filter bag

Gas from the filter bag to the outside, dust in the filter bag inside

1957, pulse bag filter come out.

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